Some other special events that I've provied makeup and hair services for:

I've had the pleasure to work with some beautiful bollywood actresses and models as follows: 
Neha Dhupia 
Malika Sherawat 
Udita Goswami 

Gurus of Dance & Solskrit
An Aditya Patel Company
Gurus of Dance is Bay Area's largest Bollywood Musical Student Company - Focusing on creating the Complete Bollywood Performer that includes Dance and Drama. 
We have been associated with Gurus of Dance for the past 5 years (ever since the inception of the company) and have glammed up all their performers and dancers for each show! 
Most recent accomplishment was Broadway style musical theatrical production "ROARR" which required very unique characterization identified by their make-up. Check out the pictures!
Pageants & Fashion Shows 
Makeup for some of the contestants was done by me for Jinnder Chohhan's 18th Annual Mr. & Miss India pageant. The winner for the evening Miss India Globe had her makeup done by me. 
Several Fashions have also been done with designers such as Shekar Rahate, Swati Couture, Vastra, Malabis, Shilpa Samai to name a few. 

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