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Review from Pooja R (6/13/2014)


Let me start off by saying that Nida and I were sent into the black hole. We basically had a blind date with each other. I was desperate to find someone local in Sunnyvale in less than a week. We had never met each other, no pictures, no consultation, and I gave her little to no direction; except: I need an artist for 2 of my pre-wedding events.

"Welcome Dinner & Cocktails" event: Nida arrived on time with an array of makeup products. I showed her the color to my sari and since the first event was a cocktail event, I wanted a more fun modern look. I expressed how I wanted to look natural, with very little makeup, but have dramatic eyes for the event. For the hair, we went with my classic look, long loose curls with volume and height on top.

"Sangeet" event: I wanted a festive bollywood look. Bright colors, bright eyes, bright lipstick. Nida had down the colors as soon as I showed her my outfit. For this we did a gentle up-do with light curls on the bun. I told her I wanted a "Taylor Swift" up do, and she customized a hair style that framed my face with sheer elegance! She added a few white flowers on the side of bun as a finishing touch.

The experience:

Nida completely understood that I wanted as little makeup as possible. She was very understanding to my feedback and only applied what I asked before making any additions. She mentioned that most brides want more, so I was happy she complied with my requests. She was very approachable and comfortable to work with. So much, that when she gave me feedback, I was open to trying them out. I.E. flowers in  my hair, and a more dramatic eye. I had built a trust with her over the 2 days, and felt she understood my style. 

What really struck me about Nida is on the first day; she said "I won't be able to sleep unless I know you're happy with your look." I was very pleased to hear this, because I've never been a fan of heavy makeup that is "caked" on. You know what I mean! Nida works quickly and efficiently. She had me ready on time both days, and understands the sense of urgency.

I also mentioned to her that I tend to have shiny-ness on the t-zone of my face, and she used a product that prevented this. My face was shine free for both events and my pictures came out beautiful! 

Thank you Nida, for keeping my makeup & hair true to who I am! I wanted the natural look and she executed just that, with a hint of glamour and elegance. I would hire Nida again in a heart beat!

Review from Ravneet O (1/10/2014)


First of all, I'd like to say thank you to Nida for making me look amazing (physically and mentally) for my engagement. 
I only asked her a few weeks before the event (because everything got planned within a few weeks) and she was very accomodating in helping me with the schedule. I had previously worked with her about two years ago during my brother's wedding and I knew that she does a fantabulous job with the make-up. So she was the first person I contacted for my make up.

She is very professional and super reachable with emails/ text messages. I went to her house a few days before the event to get her recommendations on hair styles. She recommended some hair accessories and we did a trial hair style. The overall end product on the day of the event looked wonderful. Not only she makes sure that you look stunning but she also keeps you stress free during the make up session, which I believe is very important because naturally you're very anxious and nervous right before the event. She also helped me with setting my dress and jewelry. 

She's very kind and calm and we were running a few minutes late but she kept her calmness and that helped me relax too. 
I would love to work with her again for my wedding and reception make up because I have seen her work twice now and I trust her fully. 

She is also very reasonable with her pricing and she is a good source for finding more information about other Indian wedding related vendors. 

Thank you Nida for helping me look great for my engagement, I am looking forward to working with you for my upcoming wedding events.

Review from Jyoti C 


II wish I had 5 more stars here...Nida is the best...Girls..look no further..

Like any other girl, I always wanted to look my best on my special day. Nida made this happen for me. Absolutely WOW..

Everyone and I was floored by my bridal makeups, both, morning Hindu ceremony and evening classy reception.

The moment I saw her sample work on her website, I knew Nida had to my wedding. I never called or tried anyone else, don't know why always had the confidence in her, and glad it worked out beyond expectations.

I simply love the way she does eyes and the contouring, of course professional makeup is about that, but she takes it a notch above, very perfect. 

I originally contacted her only for my evening reception. We decided to meet for a trial. This was in her cute lil studio at her place. The studio is really cute and nice, full of best Mac products..Heaven..

She was very particular about having a trial session so that she does not have to struggle through on the final day. I really liked that she was so systematic about it, and I truly appreciate that quality of hers.

I was very happy with the way she conducted the trial session. She made me feel very comfortable and systematically noted down all the details about what shades and colors she would use on that day based on my evening dress. I wasn't confident about the bright lip color,as I am more on neutral side, but she truly made be very comfortable about it, and I looked ravishing with the color in my evening outfit.

The quality of her work compelled me to go for a morning session too. I wouldn't have done even 1/10th of what she transformed me into for my morning event. People couldn't stop complimenting me and truly a beautiful hairstyle with cute lil fake roses that she got for me, cos she knew I would be too lazy to get them. LOL..That is exactly what I loved about her, professional with a personal touch.

She even suggested me an awesome photographer, Ria Kapur (review to follow, check her out too), who did my wedding, and both girls are wonderful.

The evening makeup was to die for. Both looks were so different that my husband kept saying, I married one girl and I am here with another. The hairstyle was awesome and the makeup, flawless. I also had a dress mishap that evening. Nida and Ria calmed me down, fixed it up and no one even noticed it.

I am impressed beyond words. All in all, a wonderful makeup artist, a very sweet person and someone I would trust completely when it comes to looking good.

I am gonna schedule an outdoor shoot with Ria soon, and Nida would be doing my makeup for that day too. Cannot wait to see how that turns out.

Thanks so much Nida, you and Ria made my day extra special for me. Its gonna stay with me for my lifetime.